AeroBand PocketGuitar: Learn To Play Guitar Without Buying A Guitar

Aeroband PocketGuitar is a portable air pocket guitar made with patented AI technology that can help you to learn, practice, and enjoy guitar, anywhere and everywhere.

It basically looks like a guitar pick, but instead of manually strumming the strings, you can connect this device to your phone using Bluetooth and then play the guitar however you like using their AeroBand app. The app is available at any play store and is free to download, so nothing to worry about there. 

AeroBand PocketGuitar: Learn To Play Guitar Without Buying A Guitar
(Image From AeroBand)

It’s quite easy to use as it only requires you to make gestures in the air to play the guitar. The app allows you to select various options from which you can select how to play, and it has multiple fun songs that you can play along with.

The app also has a tutorial for a better understanding of the application. It also consists of free mode and fun games, making it easier and more enjoyable to learn the songs. 

You can also change variations of the strings through the app. Literally, everything is at your fingertips without any actual guitar, which makes it much more convenient. 

Aeroband PocketGuitar can also be used as a foot bass and kick drum when paired up with another Aeroband PocketDrum that also works in a very similar fashion.

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Need to know about AeroBand PocketGuitar


AeroBand Pocket Guitar is a DL-1902 model that comes in black color. The device is 39*11*5 and weighs 0.32 ounces; this makes it strawberry-sized and easy to carry around. It consists of a battery of 60 mah with a working temperature of 0-50 degrees Celsius.

The product dimensions are 1.5 x 0.4 x 0.2 inches, and it usually comes in black color. It can easily connect to Android version 4.0 and above. 

AeroBand PocketGuitar comes with:

It comes with a case that you can easily slip onto the device. The case also has a clip that you can attach to anything to prevent the device from getting lost.

But this is not where this ends; this clip on the case is actually used to put it on your shoes when you want the device to work as a foot bass and kick drum for your Aeroband PocketDrum. 

AeroBand PocketGuitar: Learn To Play Guitar Without Buying A Guitar
(Image From AeroBand)

There is also a wrist or ankle band that allows you to attach the device to it. It obviously comes along with a charging cable which uses a micro USB port. 

The kit also consists of a traditional soft carrying pouch in which you can put your device in to prevent it from getting dirty or soaked. The pouch also has a mini pocket where you can put in your charging cable as well. The pouch is like a drawstring bag, so it’s easy to open and close.

It has an also installation guide that comes in different languages. You can better understand the application and installation of the product through this mini user manual.

Application and installation of AeroBand PocketGuitar:

It’s is fairly easy to use the device; all you have to do is install the Aeroband App from the app store and then connect your device to your phone through Bluetooth by turning on the button.

Pretty much similar to how you connect your air pods, easy, right? Once connected to Bluetooth, turn on the app, and your good to go. You will know your device is connected once it vibrates. 

How it works:

After setting up the device with the app, all there is left to do is discover how to play through it. Honestly, it doesn’t require any hard and fast rules to understand Aeroband PocketGuitar as it works like a guitar pick.

In the free-to-play mode, the main interface is a bunch of cords that require you to select a cord and play it—the best way to use the device only to use wrist movement instead of shaking the whole hand.

Select the cord you want to play and swing your hand, just like how you will swing a guitar pick, and there you go; now you can play the guitar through this mini device. 

You can also edit the cord section by adding or removing the cords as you desire. You can also use different variations on cords with the variation options. The vibration of this device depends on the intensity of music you play, such fine details.

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Nice to know about AeroBand PocketGuitar

Who is it for:

It’s for anyone, and everyone who wants to use it as music holds no bounds. Musicians, as well as non-musicians, can use it.

Still, it’s handy for beginners who want to get the instrument’s feel and see if they are interested in playing it before buying the instrument itself.

PocketGuitar with PocketDrum:

PocketGuitar works amazing with its partner, a PocketDrum, which is basically a virtual drum.

AeroBand PocketGuitar: Learn To Play Guitar Without Buying A Guitar
(Image From AeroBand)

To play PocketDrum, you will need two PocketGuitars to act as a foot bass and kick drum.

All you have to do is connect these three devices to your phone through Bluetooth, open the app, put on the PocketGuitars to your shoes each, and there you have it. Your own virtual drum set that you can play anywhere without carrying a heavy drum set.

Pros and Cons

I like this instrument because you can carry it anywhere without any hassle, and it is easy to set up and use. No need for sound checks as well because it’s automatic.

AeroBand PocketGuitar: Learn To Play Guitar Without Buying A Guitar
(Image From AeroBand)

You can put the device in your pocket and carry it around. You can even play it during your morning walk, now how cool and fun is that? Not only this, but you can also learn new songs through interactive and straightforward lessons and can have fun learning through the games.

You will absolutely love it if you’re a casual player as it doesn’t require much practice to learn the guitar. It’s also an amazing experience, especially during this quarantine, as it allows the users to learn something new enjoyably.

But with pros, cons come hand in hand. Although it is fun to use, it is not something you can use to pursue music professionally. Because it’s a virtual experience, it doesn’t contain the same feel as holding the actual instrument at hand and playing it.

The sound, although good, doesn’t have that high of a quality that can be used in the production of songs professionally. It also has a battery life, so your playtime can be interrupted if not charged beforehand.

Final Verdict

Aeroband PocketGuitar, also called a magic guitar pick, is an innovative futuristic device that allows the users to play guitar however they want, wherever they want, without carrying a large instrument along with them.

This small guitar provides a realistic guitar experience without any limitations and is very easy to use. Not only that, the interactive lessons and amazing games encourage the user to test their limits and learn more.

It also allows the users to play along with friends and have a good time. Its use is also versatile with PocketDrums, which makes it a fairly multipurpose device. All in all, it is a fun multipurpose device that anyone can use to have a good time and unleash their musical fantasies with.

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