11-year-old boy created history after winning a coding game.

Meet Dominic Darby, an 11-year-old student from St. Catherine, Jamaica, who has recently won the XPRIZE Connect Code Games competition after creating his own video game for the first time.

He was one of the only 17 winners out of the 3,000 people who joined the global competition last year.

The 11-year-old student is making great buzz.

Around 70 participants were also from Jamaica. Darby was named “Best in Class,” and this 11-year-old guy was given $1,000 cash prize in the Junior Division.

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The non-profit California-based XPRIZE sponsored the competition in partnership with video game developer E-Line Media and supported by Endless Network, aiming to improve lives through technology.

Darby used MIT’s Scratch coding software in creating his winning piece entitled “How To Fall,” wherein the game character moved through multiple levels while getting away from different obstacles. It took him several months to finish the game, which is the first-ever game he created by an 11-years-old teen.

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11-year-old boy created history after winning a coding game. 4

His mother, Shellian Derby, said he first learned about the platform when he was 6-years old when he attended a summer program held at the University of the West Indies. He is also partly self-taught as he enjoys reading books and watching YouTube tutorials about coding.

Darby, who currently attends Wolmer’s Preparatory School, also enjoys playing Minecraft and Roblox and chess and tennis. He plans to study computer science and work in the same field someday.

The bottom Line

11-years-old teen at his best

“My mother inspired me, she gave me the competition format, it seemed pretty good, so I entered it. I’ve had experience with game mechanics, but I’ve never created a game before,” Dominic said.

The competition is a partnership between California nonprofit XPRIZE and video game developer E-Line Media with the help of Endless Network. The organizations hope to use the competition as a way to improve the lives of people using technology. 

This 11-year-old teen is currently a student at Wolmer’s Preparatory School but one day hopes to study and work in computer science.

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