10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play

Virtual Reality has become a big deal in the last few years, with technology moving on shortly. Sony hurled its name into the hat with PSVR, a fully-immersive virtual experience on PlayStation hardware. Virtual Reality is the boost in the gaming industry. Virtual Reality fully immerses the gamer in the gaming experience, and what a nicer fashion to have it all than through PSVR games. There is no decent way to experience several planets from the comfort of your couch than through the best PSVR games. There are various PSVR game genres, meaning you should care to choose one that is the best fit for your preference as a gamer—some of the best Playstation VR games to play.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 12


Farpoint is one of the first-person shooter PSVR games that facilitate distinct gameplay in an alienated planet. As an exploration set on a hostile alien planet, players are on a goal to escape the unknown world with an astronomer who has abandoned the planet. Players must endure the alien life by vetoing attacking aliens. One key feature is that players must use holographic logs to track the scientist’s location and reunite. Excavate the planet’s unknown and scavenge any reusable resources to advance in Farpoint. Maximize the use of PS VR Aim control to attack and survive the attacks. It helps to navigate and regard the surroundings with interactive audio. This game features both single-player crusades and cooperative play online.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 13

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is precious and jam-packed full of creatively diverse 3D platforming levels starring a litany of classic tropes. Jumping, sliding, swimming, flying, and mini-games are in various elegant and detailed worlds. Astro is a tiny bot that’ll shift everything you know about platforming. This adventure spots you in the role of this beautiful, mechanical hero as he scours for his little buddies, who has kidnapped across many sprawling worlds. All you have to perform is stand tall in the dense virtual world and direct Astro to leave as you keep a watchful eye on him. Large, immersive levels make it feel like you’re a big, friendly giant enabling these little guys out; best of all, it’s enormous for the whole family.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 14

Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect is the modern version of the block-dropping arcade game. Understanding the game itself is probably excessive, as it’s as old as video games and as prominent as oxygen. The newer version is the best it has always been. Its visual and audio design has obtained praise from fans and critics. As you play, elegant graphics and music will be playing o the background, and they cue your achievements and failures. The game comprises thirty stages, and gameplay mechanics go alongside music beats. There’s a Zone mechanic authorizing you to stop time, multiplayer game modes, and more. The gameplay realizes Tetris you know and love, but the all-around experience is improved. It’s one of the best sit-downs and relaxing games in the PlayStation VR game library.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 15

Borderlands 2 VR

Borderlands 2 is a prominent looter shooter series that obtained a facelift with additional VR controls for its second installment. Select one of four playable classes, jump in, and eradicate a never-ending stream of enemies. Then, you can loot them for bazillions of procedurally-generated firearms when you’ve destroyed them all. In addition, the VR version contains a special Slow-Mo ability to help you slow down and educate for your next attack and a means to teleport to bring across the map quickly.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 16

Superhot VR

Superhot VR was the first shooter on the platform. That’s greatly due to first-person shooter gameplay that combinations slapstick battle and bullet-hell mechanics with an immersive VR experience. Superhot is the best first-person shooter in which players have charged with taking down many targets in their surroundings. The one catch is that time halts moving when the player stands still. This concept expands a whole new layer of the method to the first-person shooter basis of the game. Next, we have the art style that matches the game’s belief flawlessly. Superhot opts for a minimalist art style. The adjacent world is white and grey with a very small detail in the mix. In addition, enemies will occur in red while weapons are black.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 17

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is the best masterclass in horror. First, it seizes the series back to its roots and gives some of its goriest, most troublesome horror adventures. Then, it brings said incident and enables players to examine it in full VR. Watching the Baker Mansion in first-person, where you can glance at all the weird horrors around you, is completely disturbing. While it wipes into the horror of the original game, RE7 still organizes to innovate with PSVR support. The first main title in the series has fiddled in a first-person perspective.

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A fantasy adventure form in a Redwall-esque world where heroic knights are mice in precious little suits of armour, their trusty chargers are squirrels, and their foes are clockwork beetles. The game incorporates jumping, exploring, battle and puzzles into a sort of bonsai Zelda as you steer large-eared heroine Quill on her quest through a string of small diorama-like scenes. The world has an amazing sense of scale, which can be polled from above or peered at to admire the intricate details.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 19

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the best to jump into virtual Reality. It is a rhythm-based game that fluctuates around hitting notes. Still, every message is color-coded and must be blown in a certain direction by the player’s light wands. While it’s simple and sufficient on the easiest problem that everyone can appreciate, Beat Saber evolves into an intense workout that needs plenty of movement and fast reaction times on its higher problem levels. With a big feedback loop that rewards players for improving their play, it’s easy to miss track of time while you’re working up work within its virtual world. It has a substantial library of songs and modes that give different challenges. With this game, you can swivel yourself into a Jedi or a master swordsman as extended as you beat the challenges. If you love grasping tracks and have a nice sense of rhythm, this game is for you.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 20

Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth is the best first-person shooter that finds you carrying control of former Special Forces soldier Ryan Marks and who unexpectedly finds himself forced to protect his family from a crime boss. It’s a gripping, cinematic-style experience that first prepared its debut in PlayStation VR Worlds as the London Heist level, and it appears a long way from there. It’s not for the pale of heart, but for anyone glancing for an adrenaline wave in the form of a crime suspenser, it should hit the place nicely.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 21

Skyrim VR

Skyrim is one of the outstanding gaming experiences. It’s one of the most-played games in validity. There’s just a running joke that it appears on every new platform, and that contains PlayStation VR. Skyrim VR is a tremendous experience that sees you in Dragonborn’s shoes. You explore and battle using either the move controllers. It’s immersive in a way that no different playthrough of Skyrim has always been.

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10 Best Playstation VR Games: The PSVR Games You Need To Play 22

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